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Outdoor LED Light Fixtures

Yankon Group's outdoor LED light fixtures include LED roadway luminaires, landscaping lighting fixtures, mining lamps, LED tunnel lights,and LED flood lights for residential areas, rural areas, roads and highways.

The LED roadway luminaire uses 7 different light distribution technologies that are efficient and long lasting. These waterproof and dust-proof LED streetlights can be used as LED tunnel lights, LED flood lights, and LED mining lamps. Designed in module form, the LED lamps are designed in a series or parallel connection so that if one lamp breaks down, the rest of the streetlights will remain working and lit.

Model Selection

The LED tunnel lights are waterproof and dust-proof LED flood lights for tunnels, highways, and industrial applications. Also used as mining lamps, these tunnel lights have bright and consistent lighting and a modular design so that if one light goes out, the others will continue to work. IP68 protection rating protects the LED light against poor weather and the power supply is long lasting and efficient with effective heat dissipation technology.