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Zhejiang Yankon Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1975, specializes in LED-based commercial lighting, home lighting, office lighting, and outdoor lighting as one of the largest high-tech businesses in China’s green lighting industry. Committed to the development and production of environmentally-friendly lighting, Yankon offers thousands of models of LED products that can be customized to unique applications.

With production bases in Shangyu Zhejiang, Yujiang Jiangxi, Xiamen Fujian and Jinzhai Anhui, Yankon Group’s products are exported to more than 40 countries in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. All of our LED lamps meet international quality standards, certified by the UL , FCC and ENERGY STAR in the US, EMC, CE, GS, TUV and VDE in Europe, CSA in Canada, and PROCEL in Brazil, among others. Over the years, Yankon has consistently been awarded for being a famous Chinese brand with nationally certified inspections. Driven by technological innovation, we’ve established a post-doctoral workstation, partnering with the brightest minds to develop practical and efficient lighting products.

At Yankon Group, we believe in more than just making a great product. We also believe we have a responsibility to our community, state and future. Using efficient product design, recyclable materials, and green production processes, Yankon has become an advocate for and leader in energy-efficient lighting.

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