History of Yankon

In 1975
Yankon Group is founded.

In 1984
We develop the H-model of rare earth energy-saving lamps.

In 1996
We develop the efficient small-diameter T5 straight fluorescent tube, and begin to expand our product line to include other internationally advanced light sources. Yankon’s products are certified by the UL and FCC in the US; VDE, CE, GS and TUV in Europe; CSA in Canada; and certifications from five Nordic countries.

In 2000
Yankon’s shares are listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. We are the first science and technology company to enter China’s lighting industry.

In 2002
Partnering with the State Ministry of Personnel, Yankon establishes a Post-Doctoral Workstation.

In 2003
We begin building the Yankon Lighting & Electrical Technology Industrial Park.

In 2004
The National Standard Certification Center awards us their Energy Award.

In 2005
We establish a production base in Jiangxi, and the Yankon brand is named one of China’s most famous brands by the State Trademark Bureau. Yankon is also named a State Enterprise Technology Center by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs, and State Administration of Taxation.

In 2007
This is the third consecutive year where Yankon was selected as one of the Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in China as a manufacturer of LED products.

In 2008
We establish the Xiamen Yankon LED manufacturing base.

In 2009
We win the bid for an efficient lighting project for the National Development and Reform Commission / United Nations Development Programme / Global Environment Facility. The project is aimed at China phasing out incandescent lights and accelerating the use of energy-saving lamps.

In 2010
We start the Shangyu LED project.

In 2011
Yankon’s LED products are energy-saving certified by the ChinaQuality Certification Center. We are also listed among the top ten CCTV Financial 50 Index Return of Listed Companies.

In 2014
Yankon wins the bid for more local and international biddings on projects for the Development and Reform Commission. Company headquarters (except the Xiamen base) are divided into three divisions targeting the market in China, the Asia Pacific, and America.

Present: Yankon is producing more than 300 million energy-saving lamps and LED lights through the sales network at home and abroad.

Yankon's mission is to make the world brighter and more energy efficient with our energy-saving lighting products. We continue to meet our customers’ needs and develop innovative products that contribute to a greener, happier world.

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